Washington, N.J., January 13, 2020 – The Arc of Warren County has been awarded a grant in the sum of $10,450 from The John A. & Margaret Post Foundation for the cost of a power generator for the organization’s group home in Phillipsburg.

“This grant from The John A. & Margaret Post Foundation makes a strong positive impact in the operations of the Agency,” says John Whitehead, CEO of The Arc of Warren County.  “This is an expense that cannot be absorbed by the Agency and will enable the individuals who live in that home to maintain consistency during a power outage.  Many of our residents find it very frightening and disruptive when they need to relocate due to power loss even if it is for a short period of time.  These situations are a financial burden for the Agency as these incidences cost additional funds for food, transportation and salaries.”

The project will start immediately and will be completed within four months.  On average, the Agency needs to relocate residents one to three times per year as snowstorms and thunderstorms routinely cause a loss of power in the rural areas of Warren County.  The State of New Jersey mandates that relocation is necessary in extreme cold or hot temperatures, so this will sometimes cause travel for the most vulnerable of The Arc of Warren County’s residents in treacherous weather and road conditions causing serious hardship for the Agency.  As a result of the limited hotel options in the immediate area, sometimes staff and residents need to take up temporary occupancy up to 20 to 30 miles away from their homes.

This is the second instance that The Arc of Warren County received a grant from The John A. & Margaret Post Foundation in recent years.  In 2019, The Arc of Warren County was awarded a grant for the cost of generators that were installed in the organization’s group homes in Belvidere and Alpha.

“The John A. & Margaret Post Foundation has afforded us peace of mind, which is worth its weight in gold,” says John Whitehead.  “The entire Arc of Warren County community is forever grateful that The John A. & Margaret Post Foundation has provided us with the beneficial opportunity to better serve our constituents.”

The John A. and Margaret Post Foundation supports charitable organizations that benefit the quality of life for families and society in general with a primary focus on organizations in northwest New Jersey and northeast Pennsylvania.

The Arc is a national organization that serves individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their family members since 1950.  The Arc of Warren County is one of 700 chapters of The Arc and serves more than 1,100 people annually for the past 66 years.  Programs include residential group homes and supervised apartments, day services, community based supports, advocacy services, recreation and summer camp, Special Olympics training, early intervention and a wide variety of additional social services.