radiothon 2024 is (almost) here

The countdown to our biggest fundraising event of the year has begun!
Tune in to WRNJ on April 25, 2024 from 9AM to 5PM and help us reach our goal of raising $70,000 for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

Our Mission

The Arc, Warren County Chapter, Inc. is dedicated to helping people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live a good life–one where they have a chance to fulfill their potential, make choices, be as independent as possible, work, make friends and otherwise blend into society.

Early Intervention

The Arc of Warren County provides a unique Early Intervention (EI) experience for families of infants and toddlers from birth to 3 years old with developmental delays or disabilities.

Community Living Arrangements

The Arc of Warren County has provided residential services for adult men and women with various developmental disabilities since opening our first group home in 1982. Currently we serve 81 individuals in 16 group homes and two supervised apartment programs throughout Warren County.

Community-Based Supports

Community-Based Support is designed to strengthen and promote families who provide care within the family home for a family member with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Camp Warren

Camp Warren Education and Recreation Center Summer Camp Program – providing quality camping experiences since 1962. Located in rural Warren County, Columbia, NJ, the camp is dedicated to providing quality service and supports for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Arc Foundation

The Arc Foundation was established in 1998 to provide a continuum of funding to help assure the financial security of Arc programs for people with developmental disabilities.


Dedicated to helping people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live a good life


The Arc of Warren County serves more than 1,100 people annually including persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their family members.


County-wide programs include community living arrangements (residential), community based supports, respite, Saturday programs, advocacy, recreation, summer camp, Special Olympics training, early intervention, and a wide variety of social services.


“We have learned so much about our son’s way of life with sensory needs, apraxia and autism.  Our therapists have encouraged us and really changed our lives.  It is wonderful to have them help us know our son.”

– Sasha Grossman, Early Intervention Parent.


“The therapists in the Early Intervention area has helped our son work on social anxiety and his speech has improved so much.  I am very grateful for the help and expertise.”

– Kayelani Civitella, Early Intervention Parent.


“Our therapist was so great with my son even though it was virtual.  By the end of the program, his vocabulary grew substantially.  In addition, she always made sure he was having fun!”

– Jennifer Oliveira-Bennan, Early Intervention Parent.


“The Early Intervention Staff are extremely professional and genuine and have the best intentions for the families that they help. This is not just a job for them. They go above and beyond.”

– Yerkis Fleming, Early Intervention Parent.


“My family feels very comfortable knowing that I am receiving great care through The Arc of Warren County. They do not need to worry about my well-being. It helps that everyone is very friendly and helps each other out.”

– Jill Young, Resident of The Arc of Warren County.


“After Aerilyn was born we were told to take her home to prepare for the worst. I had no one to talk to, was home alone caring for my child 24/7 and focusing on the gravity of my situation. Luckily, I was eventually referred to The Arc of Warren County’s Early Intervention program. They helped pave the way to provide us with much needed services.”

– Miriellys Colon, Past Recipient of Early Intervention Services.


“We were not prepared to face our daughter’s medical challenge by ourselves and because of The Arc of Warren County’s Service Coordination program we were not alone in this journey. The path was cleared to ensure our success. In fact, I cannot properly describe how thankful I am that this resource was available to us. ”

– Kristen Yankoski, Past Recipient of Service Coordination Services.


 “Everyone we have encountered and worked with from scheduling to therapy felt like an extension of our family.  We genuinely felt their compassion and dedication to our children.”

– Michele Lohman, Recipient of Early Intervention Services.


“In five months my son has gone from having a very small vocabulary to knowing all of the letters in the alphabet, the numbers 1 through 12, a bunch of colors and the name of animals.  The professionals who worked with my son helped him find his voice.  The tips and tricks that they taught him have made such a difference.”

– Mary Dove, Early Intervention Parent.


“My son can now eat solid food and his motor skills have improved. Honestly, I would not know if we would have progressed so well without the Early Intervention Program.”

– Rebecca Griffin, Early Intervention Parent.


“All the staff that my son and I had the pleasure of meeting are helpful, caring and understanding at all times. The services my son received helped him socially with his peers and family members. It helped me develop the understanding of him being non-verbal.”

– Maria Herrera, Early Intervention Parent.


“All of my daughter’s instructors explain everything they are doing and why. This has helped me learn what I need to do for her.”

– Molly McMcLaughlin, Early Intervention Parent.


“Our son is improving. He has been more social and is trying to say his b’s, p’s and m’s.”

– Krystal Swistack, Early Intervention Parent.


“My child was not walking when we started.  He quickly learned to crawl and walk with after receiving therapy. When I expressed concern about my child not talking, they got me a speech evaluation and therapy ASAP.  He is still not talking, but is making more sounds and is trying to communicate more than ever before.” – Anonymous, Early Intervention Parent.


“Our contact was great with our son. With her help and private therapy, he made great progress.” – Diane and Shawna Tabert, Early Intervention Parents.


“Miss Katie went over and above.  She really cares what she is doing and it shows.  She did a great job to get Mason to where he is now.” – Cindy Ragalshy, Early Intervention Grandparent.


“The resources that we received from the Early Intervention program helped us reduce and elminate the abusive tantrums our child threw. It taught us new ways to deal with situations and help discover new ways to communicate with our child’s limited expressive speech.  This service and the team we worked with were beyond amazing in helping us each step of the way.  We are beyond grateful for the work they helped us do and the changes we made!” – Brittany Burke, Early Intervention Parent.



Membership for The Arc of Warren County is renewed each June. The cost is $25 for an individual and $50 for a family.  Member benefits include:

  • Voting rights for the Board of Director Annual Meeting
  • Informational breakfasts
  • Discount for Serendipity
  • Invitations to informational events that focus on issues of concern for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their caregivers.

Please e-mail or call (908) 223-0884.